About us


Welcome to Dimajio-Marine Agency – one of the biggest suppliers of highly qualified specialists for the merchant, passenger and offshore fleets, we own a biggest seamen’s data base for next type of vessels take a look here:

Offshore Fleet:

  • Platform supply vessel (PSV) – for offshore units and platform rigs
  • Anchor handling & tug support (AHTS) – for offshore units and platform rigs
  • Light construction vessel (LCV) – for all types  offshore units and platform rigs
  • Multipurpose supply vessel (MPSV) – for all types of subsea and offshore construction of oil and gas sector projects
  • Offshore construction vessel (OCV) – for all different types of offshore operations and projects
  • Subsea operation vessel (SOV) – for all subsea works and projects
  • Seismic Exploration Vessel (SEV) – for all types of meteorological and seismically exploration
  • Diving Support vessel (DSV) – for all types of under water works and projects
  • Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) – for all types of offshore rigs and units
  • Cable Layer and Pipe Layer (CLPL) – for all under water pipes and cables projects
  • Drill Vessel – for all kinds and types of drill works for all kinds and type of units projects
  • Barge – for all types of both liquid and dry bulk cargoes
  • Dredger & Hopper Vessel – for all types of digging and dredging projects
  • Heavy Lift – for all kind of platforms, rigs and units both in offshore and merchant needs

Merchant Fleet:

  • Ultra Large Cargo Carriers (ULCC) – for all types and kinds of liquid cargoes in very big capacity
  • Oil Product Tanker – for all types of oil products and liquefied cargoes in medium capacities
  • Chemical Tanker –  for all types IMO I and IMO II types of chemical cargoes
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas Tanker (LPG) – for all types of petroleum gas and liquefied gas transportation world wide
  • Liquid Natural Gas Tanker (LNG) – for all types of natural gas and liquefied gas transportation worldwide
  • Container & Multi Purpose Carriers – for all types of containers, refrigerated containers and multipurpose cargoes transportation worldwide
  • General Cargo & Bulk Carries – for all types of dry, timber, coal, metal and ore cargoes transportation worldwide

Passenger Fleet:

  • Passenger Liner and RO-RO Passenger Carrier – for passenger and car, trucks and cargoes transportation worldwide

Our mission:

Provide the most highly qualified seamen for Ship-owners of worldwide class fleet, who know their job and have all necessary certificates and licenses according to STCW-78/95, SOLAS and other international conventions. Our Agency makes a focus on excellence experiences of our specialists: from merchant and passenger fleet till platform supply vessels and highly technologically advanced subsea vessels. Important factors in the selection of personnel for our company are professional skills and high level of education. All our seafarers have a good level of English language and good working experience with mix crew. Our seafarers are providing safe and efficient operations with high accuracy in demanding and challenging conditions. Our crews have operational experience is worldwide and ensures that our clients’ needs are met in a safe and efficient work.

Service of our agency:

  • Qualitative selection staff with all required certificates & licenses, according to STCW-78/95, SOLAS etc.
  • Visa support & Flag State documents preparation
  • Testing of English knowledge;
  • Planning crew changes and organizing flights;

We quickly adapt to the changing requirements of our customers by creating the highest standards of professional ethics, quality and customer service with compliance of IMO STCW Code 2010, MLC 2006 and ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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